Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities – Are There Any?

Have you gotten to the point of wondering if there are any legitimate home based business opportunities out there? You may have become frustrated at all the scams you have run across. If that is where you are, take heart. The answer is YES! There are legitimate home based business opportunities.So, if there are, how do you find them? Well, first let’s talk about what to avoid.Opportunities that promise you the world without any work. You know the ads I am talking about. The person sitting on the beach suggesting that you can have that kind of lifestyle if you will only…you fill in the blank. There are so many of these types of ads. However, with the new FTC ruling that there needs to be more honesty and disclosure in the expected results of an opportunity, this should get better.Opportunities that focus on the recruiting of others rather than on the actual product. I don’t see this as a lasting way to make money.Opportunities that are being offered without any way to get in touch with the owner or the person whose website you are on.Ok, now that we have that out of the way, where can you find these legitimate opportunities? Well, start by looking at the opposite of the situations above.First, you need to know and accept that any worthwhile business will take work. And lots of it. There is nothing wrong with work, and you must be prepared to work hard to make a business work.Next, make sure the product is the focus of the company and that it is one that people need and want.Always make sure there is a way to contact the owner of the company/business you are considering getting involved with. Try out the contact information before you get involved. Call or email them and get a feeling of how quickly they respond and what their attitude is.Determine what your area of interest is. For example, you may want to get involved in a scrapbooking business or you may be gifted as a writer. Where do you find those types of legitimate businesses? You can do a Google search, but keep in mind the things we talked about above. Make sure you can contact the owners of the business opportunities you find. Talk with them at length and know exactly how you will make money with the opportunity.When you have narrowed down the possibilities, check out the opportunities with the Better Business Bureau. Are there unresolved complaints? That’s not a good sign.You can also do another Google search and put in the name of the business (or company) and the word “scam” or “complaints” after it. This will bring up information you should be aware of.You can do a lot to find actual legitimate home based business opportunities and avoid ones that are not. Just take your time, do your research, and you should be fine.

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